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What is Talc

What is Talc?

What is Talc?

TTalc is hydrous magnesium silicate formula 3 MgO 4SİO2 H2O stop. Suitable composition of 63.5% SiO2 31.7% MgO and 4.8% H2O is. White, greenish gauze color is not lay slick-looking and smooth. High density is 2.6-2.8g/cm3. Crystal shape is monocliric. Talc thermal and electrical conductivity is weak, but fire resistant. It solidifies when heated to high temperatures. It is vitiated by acid. Talc shows commercial property usually quite different from theoretical purity. Products are pure talc as the minerals talc, dolomite and talc in the assemblage of calcite, quartz, diopside, serpentine, magnetite, pyrite, it consists of a mixture of tremolite-actinolite and mica as mineral.