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Talc Powder Uses

Paint Industry

Because of the oil absorption in the coating and the like, talc with leaves and fiber property are used in oil production. İt should be pass through the sieve of talc 325 mesh. The talc used in paint industry should be with extremely high brightness and tenor. Talc fiber allows the paint to be clamped together, preventing it from collapsing of heavy paint materials and allows the paint be be more homogeneous.


Insecticide, Talc is used also in pesticide and insectcide industry. Since it has toxic effects of the drug it gives the desired density and less abrasive properties.


Paper Industry

Talc, is soft, particle size, ink absorption and can easily be used in the paper industry due to solubility in water. But the talc used can’t be more than 2-5% rate of CaCO3 and must not contain other minerals.

Cosmetic Industry

Talc is easy to obtain the desired particle size and because of its chemical purity and smoothness, it is used in cosmetic products. Talc features being wanted to be used in drug industry are lack of tough fibrous minerals it contains and being of low amount of arsenic and iron.

Cable Industry

Talc is very effective and preferred cable construction material. It prevents Permeability. As a powder, it is used as among cables and a cable coating of the outside of formula.

Rubber Industry

Talc filler is used as well. The average of grain size is 2μm. It is resistant to electricity and provides flexibility to the tire.

Foundry Industry

It is used as the crucible material. And for being heat resistant it prevents transmission between mold and casting. It prevents the molten metal plating on contact with air.

Gıda Sektörü

Ceramic Industries

The talk lack of expansion feature permits the use of it in bathroom ceramic plates and electric stove in the kitchen. Uniformity is desired in terms of physical and chemical structure of talc used in the ceramics industry. Furthermore, the cooking and color of the grain size distribution is also important. Manganese and iron in the composition of phenol and should not be more different. Electroceramic and alignment are impurities. CaO 0.5%, 1.5% iron oxide and Al2O3 4% pure magnesium silicate talc is used. Also chloride-compact talc (steatite) is available.


It gives hardness and resistance to heat to the used substances. It is also unbreakable and prevents cracking.

Fertilizer Industry

Talc is used in insecticides. Toxic effects of the drug gives the desired density and low abrasive properties.


For this job usually harsh quality of talc is used since the percentage of whiteness and purity features in raw materials are not necessary. What is important in this course is the grain size and distribution of the oil suction. Talc as a good protection of molten asphalt it provides in roofing for bringing it into a stable condition against fire and weather conditions. In addition, it is used in the construction and placement of gravel roads or roofs to prevent them from sticking to each other.